With BEI™ Monitoring, you can monitor address activity and view alerts.

About alerts

Alerts are generated when one of the following conditions are met based on the address activities.

  • Suspicious transfer - Transaction that has first degree connection with any high-risk addresses.
  • Risk Score movement - Addresses with risk score moved from low or guarded to high or severe.
  • Large transfer - Large transaction that exceeds $1000 USD. (FATF related rules)
Add monitoring

There are several ways you can add addresses for monitoring. You can also manage them on the management page.

  • Click add monitoring on the explorer page to add specific addresses one at a time, you can select or create a new group for this address.

  • Click add monitoring button on the alerts page or home page

Viewing alerts

Once you have added addresses for monitoring, the alert will be generated at any moment on the alerts page or it can take up to 1 hour depending on the time you add the address and its transaction activities.

  • Alert timeline
  • You can filter your search results by monitored addresses, transaction hash, alert type and date range.
  • Click details on a specific alert to view the transaction that caused the alert.
  • Click transaction graph to open the investigation tool base on this translation

  • Addresses detected - The addresses that have been detected by our alert rules will list here with the group, risk score and number of alerts. You can filter search results by alert type, date range and address group.
Email alerts notification

Get email updates when you get alerts. You can turn on/off notifications on the account page.

Address management

You can add, modify, or delete addresses for monitoring at address management. You can find it on the dropdown menu by clicking the profile picture on the top right corner.

  • Add addresses - click add new button and add multiple addresses at once.
  • Modify address group - click on the right side of the group panel and select edit to change the group name and add or delete addresses.
  • Delete address group - click on the right side of the group panel and select delete to remove the entire group of addresses from monitoring.